Wheel Library

Have you been burned by wheels you picked out on the internet? Have a collection of wheels you hate and skated on once?  

Check out our wheel library so you can try them before you buy them. Wheels available in the Mile Hi Quad's library. 

Atom Savant 99A

Atom Savant 97A

Atom Savant 95A

Atom Savant 93A

Atom Savant 91A

Atom Savant 88A

Atom Boom (Firm) 
Atom Boom (X-Firm) 
Atom Boom (XX-Firm) 

Sure-Grip Fame

Sure-Grip Boardwalk

Sure-Grip Route 66

Sure-Grip Aerobic

Sure-Grip Twisters

If your derby or group is interested in Mile Hi Quads coming to you, please contact us. 

We are happy to offer experienced leather repair and care services . Our sewing minimum is $15.00 for ALL repairs so please bring several pieces to get best value.


We reserve the right to refuse any alteration request. 

Street and Derby Pad Repair

We understand the need to get the get the most out of your skate gear.  We offer heavy duty stitching services for street pads and roller derby pads. We can replace torn/worn Velcro or elastic, resew or replace straps or elastic, replace clips, etc.

Estimates available in person.

Leather Repair, Sewing, and Care

Mile Hi Quads brings you experienced leather dying, boot stretching, leather and heavy-duty sewing and repair. 


$15.00 Boot Stretch

$15.00 Clean and Condition

$7.00 for Suede Weatherproofing



We sew patches on both leather cuts and jean jackets and vests.  We can remove patches from existing pieces as well. No Letterman jackets.


$2.00 per patch removed

$5.00 for a 5x5 patch and smaller

$10.00 for 5x5 patch and larger

$45.00 for 3 piece patch (by appointment only)


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Roll By

Tel. 720-420-0330

5777 E Evans Ave 

STE #101 
Denver, CO 80222

CurRerntly Open By Appointment OnlY

We are practicing social distancing regulations in the City and County of Denver.  Check out our appointment setter!